Senior Psychology Major Shares Internship Experience at ASU’s Career Exploration Office

Jasmine Henderson

Jasmine Henderson is a senior at Appalachian State studying psychology.  Below she shares with us her experience as an intern in the Career Exploration Office on App’s campus and how that has shaped her future career plans!

Can you tell us about your internship experience?
My internship experience is with the Career Exploration Office that is located beside McAllister’s on the second floor of the Student Union. We help students decide on a major or what career they would like to pursue with their intended major by using different assessments both online and via paper. These assessments help the students acknowledge what their interests are, what skills they possess, and what their core values are, which is key for when your looking for a job.

What influenced you to apply for this internship position? How did you acquire this internship?
I actually completed a session with the Career Exploration Office my Junior year during my free-time, and I fell in love with helping students figure out what they wanted to do with their life and also the staff members that I worked with. When I attended an Internship Session with Dr. Hill and saw that Career Exploration Office was on the list of internship sites, I immediately requested to intern for them.

What aspect of the internship experience did you enjoy the most?
Something that I enjoy the most about my internship experience is the feeling of accomplishment and pride that I get whenever a student figures out a major that they are interested in and that I helped them with that accomplishment. Whenever someone leaves and says “Thank you so much for helping me figure this out,” I feel proud.

What surprised you about the internship?
Something that surprised me about the internship was how truly difficult it is for students to figure out what major they would like to pursue because so many students want to do so many things and having to narrow that down is a hard and thought-provoking process.

What did you learn about yourself?
Something that I learned about myself is that I have a natural counseling ability and am an easy person for students to talk to whenever they have problems. I found this out about myself after a couple students would confide in me and tell me personal things that were not necessary to tell me during our appointments, but the fact that they did gives me a sense of pride because I never thought people could confide in me.

What is next for you?
During my senior year, I intend to volunteer next fall semester during my free time at the Career Exploration. This internship has got me thinking that I want to go into Student Affairs for graduate school and become a Career Counselor for my career.

What advice do you have for other internship-seeking students in your major?
Some advice that I would give to students in my major who are seeking internship opportunities is to do something that you’re interested in and that will help you possibly develop that into a career.


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